Great Laptop Deals Under 400 Dollars

In most cases we all need computers to carry out most of our work, more especially at the office. This is due to the fact that most countries are technologically aware now and most of the work done is by computer because of the simplicity it brings about. Even though we like computers however, they tend to be somewhat expensive for some people to afford. Due to this reason and the high demand for computers and laptops, manufacturers have come to realize the problem and are now trying to fix it by making new laptops that are cheaper but efficient for normal use.

“Cheap is expensive”; this is the slogan used by those people who are not confident in the price of these laptops. This is because they assume that by being affordable, these laptops under $400 are also prone to many risks like untimely damages. Don’t consider the price but the quality of the machine as not all expensive machines are durable and of high quality. There are several new laptops that are priced at less than $400 but are of high quality, which you can purchase if need be.

There are many companies that are manufacturing laptops, but Acer is one popular company that produces good laptops of high quality and fit for use at a reasonable price. The company has released inexpensive quality laptops at a price of under $400 and below which is within the means of most people. An example of a cheap and quality laptop that they have produced is Acer aspire AS7741 W764 that has an Intel processor 186GHz, which is a high processing speed, and a spacious hard drive of 250 GB. It also has a RAM memory capacity of 3GB. Acer 156 dual core is another laptop that they have produced that has a RAM of 4GB and a hard disc of 500GB.