Modern Laptops Under 400 Dollars

In the modern world it’s becoming increasingly hard to get away without devices such as laptops and personal computers. Despite the tablet and the smartphone craze that has made headlines recently, at end of the day nothing is going to replace the productivity of a fully fledged keyboard. Laptops used to be very expensive which meant not a lot of people could afford them – however thanks to advances in technology as well as the recent economic recession, most manufacturers have gone out of their way to create¬†great deals on laptops under 400 dollars.

There are many laptop deals for $400 and below. This is good news for the person who gets an average salary. It is not just one brand that you will at this price; you can get Samsung laptops, acer laptops, HP laptops, dell laptops and also Compaq laptops at this price.

For some people, these are not the best laptop deals as they say these laptops are mostly not of good standard. However, this is not true as manufacturers have ensured that these laptops are worth our money and also good.

Numerous dell laptops are within this price range. Dell D620 has a dual core processor with a 320 GB hard drive. RAM for this laptop is 15 GB. If you love the internet, this is the perfect cheap laptop for you as it has Wi-Fi. A DVD drive is also a component of this laptop from dell.

Toshiba has released a satellite C6550 laptop that has a webcam. This is good for those who love taking photos and video chatting. The RAM is 3 GB which is ample space for you.

Acer has released the Acer AS5740 5255. It is a Core i3 and the clock speed is 213 GHZ. This is good speed for an average laptop to serve your normal daily needs. Another core i3 acer laptop is acer aspire timelinex. This notebook goes for even less than $350 and already has windows 7 installed in it making it another great deal on a laptop under $ 400.

A Core i5 laptop from Sony, Sony Vaio VPC CS111FM goes for less than $400. Sony usually has expensive and nice laptops so grab this one.