New Laptops Under $ 400

Laptops are essential gadgets and we all need one. However, the best of these devices are very expensive and hard for the common human being to own. The good news is that manufactures have tried their best to make newerlaptops under 400 dollars which are affordable and good for normal essential use.

There are several new laptops that have been priced at less than 400 dollars. Some people are skeptical about this and do not trust that they can actually get a good laptop which is less than 400 dollars.

Acer is a company which has been manufacturing laptops for sometime now. This company has gone out of its way to release cheap quality laptops for under $400 and below. Acer aspire AS7741 W764 is among the new cheap laptops. This has an Intel processor 186GHz and a hard drive of 250 GB. The RAM has a memory capacity of 3GB. Another acer laptop that is in this price range is Acer 156 dual core. This laptop has a bigger RAM of 4GB and a hard drive with 500 GB. This laptop is better than Acer aspire AS7741 W764 in terms of memory capacity. The new acer 166 costs less than 400 dollars and has 2 GB of RAM and has a dual core processor. This laptop has a webcam enabling you to video chat and also takes snap shots.

HP as a leading laptop company has also released new laptops that are cheap and cost just less than $400. The AP Nc6400 laptop from HP is good for you if you love the internet as it has Wi-Fi. This laptop has a dual core processor and a 320 GB hard drive. You can watch movies from a DVD on this laptop as it has a DVD drive.

These are not the only new laptops that are under $400. You can get more from your local store or online stores.